SEO Checklist

Discover SEO errors and opportunities to multiply visits and sales from Google

Why you should take this course?

Google is the main source of visitors and customers for most online stores. If your store is not ranked 1st in the relevant searches, you are “giving away” hundreds of customers to your competition.

It is one of the most decisive elements for the success of an online store, because anyone can post an ad and bid more than you, but it is not easy or fast to beat a website with good SEO.

Here you will discover the most frequent mistakes that ecommerce companies make and the best tactics to increase visits and sales.

What will you learn?

  • Discover SEO strategies that are not used by the majority of ecommerce companies.
  • Avoid mistakes in on-page SEO that usually cost a lot of potential visits and sales to online stores.
  • Develop content strategies that yield great results with fewer resources (eg, UGC).
  • Analyze the results of your campaigns with more precision using custom reports.

Who is it for?

  • Ecommerce companies interested in getting more visits and sales from Google without great investing a lot of time or money.
  • Professionals that want to discover the best tactics for SEO campaigns with great ROI

How long will it take you?

This a written course (with images and links), because it’s the fastest way to absorb information and we know that your time is very valuable.

It’s basically a “workbook”: 100% actionable, with examples and explanations to put our advice into practice. We want to help you improve your results, not waste your time with theory.

This course is designed to give great results in a short time. You can read the entire course in less than 1 hour and see results very soon (some things in SEO takes some time to see great results, but others start improving as soon as you make the appropriate changes).


This course is not ready yet, but it’s launching soon…