11 must-have tools for your ecommerce


I recommend 11 tools that every online store should use (or at least try). All are quite affordable, some even free.

All are tools that I have personally tested and I think they are worth it. Some include an affiliate link, which means that the company pays me a commission if you hire their tool through our link. You do not cost anything (the price is the same as if you hire by another route), it helps me to maintain and improve the services that I offer for free. Everybody wins!

In any case, I recommend you try them for yourself to evaluate them. They really adapt to the specific needs of your business (almost all have a trial period or a free plan).

Google Optimize

I was going to mention Google Analytics before, but I assume that you are already using it, including its advanced functions (such as custom reports and segments, which is where the most interesting thing is often detected).

Google Optimize allows you to perform A / B tests and also customize content on your website. Both functions are basic for an ecommerce that wants to have a good visitor conversion rate> client.

There are many other testing and customization tools that are good (Optimizely, Brainsins …), but they are not particularly cheap. Google Optimize has a very interesting free plan and integrates very well with Google Analytics.


Basic tool to better know your potential customers and increase the conversion rate. It is a good complement to Google Analytics and Google Optimize, they do different things.

It is quite affordable (even has a free plan) and offers many functions (register heatmaps and web recordings, conduct surveys, receive feedback, analyze forms and purchase processes …).

If you want to better understand how users move around your online store, what really interests them and where they are blocked, you need Hotjar or a similar tool. If you try to optimize without this data, you will be sticking blind.


Your ecommerce needs a marketing automation tool yes or yes. Without that, you surely miss out on opportunities for conversion, loyalty, cross-selling and virality.

Getresponse is an affordable option, easy to configure, quite complete and with integrations for Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Shopify and other systems. It also allows you to send newsletters, organize webinars and create landings.

There are many other perfectly valid marketing automation options, from free like Mautic to quite expensive like Marketo. Choose the one you choose, the most important thing is to get the right strategy and content. If you fail in that, even the best tool in the world will not give you good results.


All ecommerce should enhance its presence in Google through SEO and / or PPC (Adwords). Semrush serves to optimize those 2 areas (also social networks and content marketing, although less).

It is quite easy to use and offers many useful reports (keywords, links, announcements and content of competitors …), with specific data for more countries than many tools (including Spain).

There are other good tools but more focused on SEO professionals like Ahrefs and Sistrix. The ideal would be to have Semrush and some of these, because they are complementary (none is perfect and it gives everything).

On the other hand, if you already have enough organic traffic, it is very interesting to perform A / B tests at the SEO level with A / B Rankings (if you succeed with the tests, it is probably the fastest and most profitable way to improve SEO).

Talkwalker Alerts

It is very important to listen to what users say about your business, to be able to adapt and act (connect with influencers and potential buyers, know what customers think about your store and your competitors, manage reputation crises, etc.).

Talkwalker Alerts is a free option to be notified when the terms you are interested in following are mentioned on Twitter or on another website. We also recommend Google Alerts, which does not include Twitter but sometimes gives better results than Talkwalker for the rest of the websites.

There are much more comprehensive tools for monitoring social networks, some relatively affordable such as Mention or Brand24. If you have a budget and social networks are a priority for your ecommerce, it is interesting to also hire some of them.


More than 95% of visitors to an online store do not buy on their first visit and many never return. That is why capturing the emails of those potential clients is usually a good tactic to increase sales.

Optinmonster allows you to capture emails with popups and other formats, but it also serves other functions (promote offers, show notifications …). It also allows A / B test with different versions and customize contents according to many variables.

Almost all CMS have some plugin to show popups, but not usually offer as many possibilities as Optinmonster or by far, which usually leads to worse results.


Olark allows you to include a chat on your website, improving communication with visitors. There are many similar tools, but Olark has some functions that others do not have: cobrowsing (joint navigation with the user), automation functions with segmentation variables, templates, transcriptions, real-time translation, integration with Magento, Shopify and other systems. ..

The key is to take advantage of its possibilities. For example, automatic messages can serve to show a specific offer or purchase guide for those who visit a certain category or product. So we segment and help potential customers like a good seller would do, without the costs of having dozens of salespeople attending.

The next step will be to incorporate chatbot functions (whole conversations with a “robot”), but it is probably good to wait a couple of years for the tools to gain reliability, integrate more easily into the CMS and lower the price.

Post Affiliate Pro

Having a good affiliate program is one of the safest and most profitable ways to grow an online store. Usually affiliates are paid only if they bring sales, so it does not imply just risk (unlike almost all other promotion options, which can perfectly have negative ROI).

You can choose to join one of the affiliate networks (Zanox, Commision Junction, etc.). They make it easier for you to find and manage affiliates, but nothing comes out cheap (several thousand euros in addition to other costs / recurring fees).

With Post Affiliate Pro you can easily create an affiliate program on your own and to your needs, without high costs or commissions from intermediaries. If a good affiliate recruitment strategy is developed it can become one of the main sources of clients.


Unlike the tools mentioned above, this will not have a big impact on your business. But if you make your own photos of products, it will seem like a great discovery.

Remove.bg removes the real background of the photographs to show a white background or whatever you want. He does it quickly and free, using artificial intelligence for it.

Until now this required dedicating hours in Photoshop or similar, editing each photo one by one. Or pay for services like Pixc.


It is used to connect different tools and automate processes. Currently they have more than 1,000 integrated tools (including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify), so there are millions of possible combinations.

You can use it to connect your store with almost any type of tool (email marketing, social networks, task management, CRM, accounting, etc.) and also these tools with each other.

You can save many hours of work and automate tasks that you had not planned to start because it was not profitable or feasible to do them by hand.

And above all: A good strategy

Choosing software tools well is important for the success of an online store. But more important still is to have a strategy that really takes advantage of its full potential and adapts to the priorities of the company.

As Avinash Kaushik says, the best results are obtained when you invest 10% of the budget in the tools and 90% in the people who must optimize everything related to them.

If you want help when choosing tools and optimizing your strategy, in Ecommercey we can help you with our consulting services for ecommerce.