Strategies to beat your competitors

Analyze and develop your competitive advantages (the #1 factor for ecommerce success)

Why you should take this course?

Your store competes with many similar stores (online and offline, local and international) that offer similar products at similar prices. That’s why most consumers compare in different stores before buying.

Therefore, the nº1 goal of your website should be to explain to your visitors why they should buy in your store (why it’s a better option than other stores).

If you explain it worse than your competitors, most customers will choose them and your store will only get a small percentage of all the sales.

Most people understand this concept, but surprisingly very few ecommerce companies dedicate enough resources to analyze, develop and explain their competitive advantages.

What will you learn?

  • What elements successful stores use to differentiate themselves from the competition and gain market share (we give you real examples of different sizes and sectors + a broad list of ideas)
  • How to analyze your store and your competitors to develop long-term competitive advantages (do not copy blindly or change things without clear strategy)
  • Discover which elements are really important for your potential clients and which ones are secondary (we will explain different techniques for different cases)
  • Highlight the competitive advantages of your store so that they have the maximum possible impact on sales (not only on the web but also in ads, emails, social…)

You will avoid making costly mistakes that a lot of ecommerce companies make:

  • Highlight things that are not really competitive advantages, because many competitors also offer them (free shipping, good customer service, etc.).
  • Highlight things that are not really important for most customers.
  • They show their advantages so that the majority of visitors never see them or even show them on the web.
  • They have never analyzed under conditions what competitive advantages they have, which ones they could develop or which ones are more defensible.

Who is this course for?

  • Ecommerce companies interested in developing competitive advantages to increase market quota, sales and profits.
  • Ecommerce and marketing professionals that want to improve their results and learn new key strategies.

How long will it take you?

This a written course (with images and links), because it’s the fastest way to absorb information and we know that your time is very valuable.

It’s basically a “workbook”: 100% actionable, with examples and explanations to put our advice into practice. We want to help you improve your results, not waste your time with theory.

This course is designed to give great results in a short time. You can read the entire course in less than 1 hour and see results almost immediately (you can start selling more as soon as you apply the appropriate changes to highlight your competitive advantages).


This course is not ready yet, but it’s launching soon…