Reduce your cart abandonment

Strategies, tools and templates to avoid losing more clients in the last moment

Why you should take this course?

Cart abandonment is usually one of the main reasons why customers are lost and one of the easiest to solve.

If cart abandonment in your store is above 50% (or worse, if you do not know that figure), you can probably improve and close more sales with some simple changes.

Many ecommerce already do something to combat cart abandonment, but most don’t have a strategic and data-based approach to optimize this problem.

What’s included?

  • Detect the main causes of cart abandonment in your store
  • Improve the checkout to reduce cart abandonment
  • Effective email templates to combat cart abandonment (some with innovative approaches that can work much better than typical ones)
  • Know different remarketing strategies to reduce abandonment, with real examples of different online stores
  • Analyze the results and select the tactics that are more profitable for your business in particular

Who is it for?

  • Ecommerce companies that want to reduce their cart abandonment and increase sales.
  • Ecommerce companies that have use cart abandonment tools or tactics, but are not sure if there are better solutions.
  • Professionals that want to know the key strategies to improve cart abandonment rates.

How long will it take you?

This a written course (with images and links), because it’s the fastest way to absorb information and we know that your time is very valuable.

It’s basically a “workbook”: 100% actionable, with examples and explanations to put our advice into practice. We want to help you improve your results, not waste your time with theory.

This course is designed to give great results in a short time. You can read the entire course in less than 1 hour and see results almost immediately (abandonment rate should improve as soon as you implement the first changes) 


This course is not ready yet, but it’s launching soon…