Automation for ecommerce

Tools and tricks to improve results while saving a lot of work and $$$

Why you should take this course?

Automation saves many hours of work dedicated to repetitive processes, which frees workers to perform more creative and valuable tasks.

You can save time and money. And even improve results, because machines can do certain tasks faster and better than any human.

In ecommerce there are many repetitive tasks and therefore many opportunities for automation (in all areas: Advertising, social media, web content, customer relations, logistics, loyalty, etc.).

What’s included?

  • List of tasks that can be automated by an ecommerce company with great results and little investment, along with explanations to get them started
  • Tools that we recommend to automate each task (most are affordable and some even free)
  • Templates for automation where the content is key to achieving good results (for example, automatic emails for abandoned carts)
  • Automation strategies that can become a key competitive advantage for your business (for example, the quizzes for product recommendations used by companies like Warby Parker or Stitch Fix)

Who is it for?

  • Ecommerce companies that want to apply automation to save money and improve results. It’s for companies of all sizes, thanks to new tech that makes it easier and more affordable than ever.
  • Ecommerce companies that are already using some automation but are not sure if their tools and strategies are the best and want to increase their automation ROI.
  • Professionals that want to boost their services and results with automation solutions.

How long will it take you?

This a written course (with images and links), because it’s the fastest way to absorb information and we know that your time is very valuable.

It’s basically a “workbook”: 100% actionable, with examples and explanations to put our advice into practice. We want to help you improve your results, not waste your time with theory.

This course is designed to give great results in a short time. You can read the entire course in less than 1 hour and see results almost immediately (automated tasks should save time and/or money from the first minute. In some cases, it can also translate into more sales).


This course is not ready yet, but it’s launching soon…