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Discover the best strategies and tools for your ecommerce

We could have created a fancy design for this page, but we want it to reflect our values: We are simple, efficient and direct, like this page. We don’t waste time on unnecessary stuff.


How we help you

We help you find the best strategies for your ecommerce’s success.

Most ecommerce devote a lot of time and money to tactical stuff (SEO, advertising, web design, shipping …) while missing strategic opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition and dominate their markets.

Businesses that succeed in the long term are those that develop defensible competitive advantages. Most of the rest end up closing (80% of ecommerce companies fail).

We help you discover strategic opportunities and develop your competitive advantages to increase sales, market share and profits. Short and long term.


How we think

We look for the most efficient and reliable ways to bring success to an ecommerce:

  • Strategy above tactics:Without a good strategy, you have to fight based on tactics with dozens of similar competitors. With a good strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition, everything is easier because you get your “protected space” in the market.
  • Data is our religion: It’s impossible to get all decisions right. That is why we first gather information to reduce uncertainty and maximize the possibility of getting it right. And then we perform quick tests to check what works best without wasting resources.

To learn more about our strategic approach, we recommend you read our articles:


How we work

  • You can hire us without any risk because we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied after receiving our first recommendations, you don’t have to pay us anything. It’s that simple.
  • We communicate asynchronously (using email, Google Docs and/or Trello). No meetings, video conferences or calls. This allows us to be more productive and give better advice.
  • We bill by the hour (80€/hour). It’s the most flexible way of working, so we can adapt to the specific needs of each project at each moment. Keeping in mind that in just 2 hours we can find key strategies for the future of your business, the ROI of our services can be enormous.


How to get started

If you are OK with all the above and want to collaborate with us, follow this process:

  1. Fill this form, briefly explaining your case (current business situation, needs and problems, available resources…)
  2. If we are a good fit and we see potential for improvement in your business, we send you our Strategic Questionnaire. It contains 6 key questions to find strategic opportunities and many real examples to help.
  3. Based on the Strategic Questionnaire and our analysis of your business and that of your competitors, we give you our strategic recommendations.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the recommendations, you do not pay us anything. If you are satisfied, you pay us (usually 2 or 3 hours, about 200 €) and if you want we can continue the collaboration to implement the recommendations or perform more in-depth analysis.